three graphite electrodes, used to melt the scrap steel

Welcome to Sheffield Steel Photography

pouring the molton steel into a preheated ladle
drawing a cylinder on a 10000 ton press

Sheffield Steel Photography

Remembering Steel Industries Old And New

Documents and tells the story of todays steel making processes. Producing the ingot and melt process to the end product. From aviation and car products to cutlery, castings and stainless steel products.

Incorporating Sheffield and Yorkshire steel producers and uses of steel. Creating images, which work to promote your products and business. From large corporate bodies to the smaller business owner.

NEW! Now incorporating "Timber Building Construction Photography"

Sheffield Steel Photography will supply images delivered to the most demanding deadlines.

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Photographers Statement

My goal as a photographer; photographing the steel manufacturing process.

My photographic style; utilises conventional and obscure composition methods dependant on the subject.

Living in Sheffield; has given me the passion for steel industry photography.

To capture rarely viewed processes and environments and present them in an interesting way.


Electric arc and Blast furnace.
Steel rolling and forming.

Industrial and product photography.
Engineering (mechanical and electrical).

Blacksmith's workshops.
Silversmiths grinding and machining.

Timber Building Construction.
Timber framed house manufacture.


Please feel free to contact me with your photography requirements:

The photographs used on the website will credit your company, providing extra free advertising.

Any assignment would be within Sheffield and Yorkshire areas of England.

For specific projects, I can to travel to different areas, within a reasonable distance.


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